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November 12, 2009

Hi & Bye!

I know its only been a couple weeks since I started publicizing this blog but I have already moved.
I won’t be moving again, is here to stay so please visit me there.

Love, Kat


I’m going to try to stay focused on visuals and text but nothing goes better with either of those than sound soo listen to this!

The whole thing is lovable but the piano towards the end (1:39) is ultra-fantastic not to mention the “haha yih” at the end.

I live in a studio apartment that has no windows.


Aside from that fact, it’s perfect. It’s big, quiet and filled with all kinds of great things that I enjoy. Most of my stuff is of a feminine nature except for the art supplies, camera gear and the whiskey; that stuff is pretty unisex. The building I live in was previously an old bank and when they designed the 4 apartments on my floor, they left this one without any natural light although they were nice enough to leave the old bank safe as a consolation prize.  It acts as one of two walk-in closets. So dreamy.

Could you do it? Live without sunlight?


(the worst part is not knowing how to dress for the weather each day)

I know, I know. I’m really late with these. Starbucks already has the Christmas cups out and here I am showing off pictures from Halloween 2009… So sorry for the offence.

Mostly taken around Church Street, Toronto.

Two things to note:
1. If you were with me on this night you may notice there are a few hundred images missing- I will send those to you (if you weren’t there but you still want to see the outakes just say the word).
2. The new website I’m working on is capable of holding proper image galleries so soon enough, viewing these will be a really pleasing process. :)



November 3, 2009

I’ve been away for a few days due to the first of two! reading weeks in college (way better than university’s one). I spent my week in northern Ontario, Toronto and of course, Belleville. Stay tuned for new photos, new stories and the link to a new website that is currently in the works. All of these wonderful things will be on display as soon as I get myself sorted and re-adjusted back into my relationship with my laptop.

Happy belated Halloween! (is that saying acceptable for anybody?)